As long as cash has existed, there have existed easy money scams as well. Casualties are tricked with guarantees of simple wealth inside twofold fast time, and regularly with negligible or zero danger.

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7 min readJun 10, 2021

Tragically, such plans are generally minimal more than tricks that go after weakness and intrinsic human eagerness. Addressing as it does the innovative development of cash, the digital currency has seen too many such tricks.

Other than crime, the believability and trust put in genuine and grounded digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is sabotaged further by numerous individuals of the Alt-Coins thus considered Meme-Coins that keep on arising. While a portion of these has a certifiable possible job in making decentralized money (Defi) a reality, most sum to minimal more than present-day pyramid schemes for their authors and a couple of fortunate financial backers.

When crypto-doubters know about ongoing marvels, for example, DogeCoin (a Meme Coin that was initially begun as a joke) having moved in esteem by 6500% in 2021, generally fuelled by tweets and rant from individuals like Elon Musk, it reaffirms their conviction that crypto all in all is only an air pocket or more regrettable, a trick.

Source: Twitter

The issues brought about by Elon and other Doge lovers on Twitter are compounded by inconsistent signals and online promotion all the more for the most part. Some offer how they’ve made authentic fortunes in short spaces of time by day-exchanging such tokens. They got fortunate purchasing the coins when they were estimated for little portions of a penny and sold when costs briefly flooded.

Then, at that point, there are the tales from those who’ve been attracted expecting to copy the accomplishments of the early adopters, allured by guarantees of a speedy and simple buck, or even the possibility of fortunes. The hazard beyond what they can bear to lose, purchasing at the top cost and seeing their abundance decrease away to nothing when it crashes.

Their activities are the outcome of a venture strategy dependent on FOMO — Fear Of Missing Out.

Some get rich, numerous others lose cash and the moderately consistent and suffering digital currencies like Bitcoin get associated with a similar reputation, regularly seeing their costs (and notorieties) briefly dulled in the outcome of Alt-Coin crashes.

The most recent crypto-token that has provoked the typical financial backer practices, is SafeMoon.

What is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon is portrayed on its site as “a local area drove, reasonable dispatched DeFi Token.”

It appears to be conceivable that its authors dispatched it with honorable aims, given that it’s organized in a way that energizes the individuals who purchase the coin to hold it as long as possible. This is accomplished by deducting a 10% charge from each deal, half of which is then disseminated to existing coin holders. Such a ‘charge’ could notionally hinder anybody from day-exchanging since gains would need to surpass the derivation to make any deal beneficial.

The issue is that in the transient its benefits (fuelled by market craze and online promotion) have flooded by substantially more than the 10% allowance proposed to debilitate selling.

As of nineteenth April 2021 its cost had flooded by 2900% in the preceding 3 weeks. At the hour of composing it’s estimated at $0.000004469 per coin and a particularly little value, it’s demonstrated to be attractive for examiners needing to take a punt with a little venture that would get two or three hundred thousand of the coins.

Why not take a risk?

SafeMoon has given 1 Quadrillion tokens (or 1,000 trillion) — an amazing number. For correlation, there’ll just at any point be 21 million Bitcoin gave, and the full issue will not have been printed until around the year 2140.

The size of the SafeMoon token issue itself ought to be a warning. Consider that large numbers of the special images that have seemed online focus on the practical thought of SafeMoon accomplishing a valuation of “only one penny”. In a new scene of The Breakdown Podcast from CoinDesk, the host brought up that if it somehow happened to arrive at that value its market capitalization would be $100 Trillion — one-fourth of the abundance of the whole world. Attainable? Not especially.

Obviously (and confusingly for would-be financial backers) web-based media stages are loaded with posts from early brokers gloating about their triumphs:

Source: Twitter

Simultaneously recordings have seemed YouTube from eager ‘financial backers’ exhorting precisely how to get it — be clear, however, they’re not contributing monetary counsel (purportedly):

Source: YouTube

The genuine use-instance of the SafeMoon token appears to be to a great extent superfluous at this stage. Having fished through their site and the examination of different articles in the media it’s as yet hazy what helpful reason it serves or what the drawn-out point of SafeMoon is. All signs highlight it being a vehicle for another venture siphon and dump.

Some will presumably make a touch of pain-free income through a very much coordinated bet, yet there will be a lot more who are sucked in and stake beyond what they can bear to lose. It resembles that those are the people that will leave away harming monetarily and disillusioned towards digital money overall.

What’s behind the value flood?

It’s fascinating to take note that different tweets have recommended the likelihood that SafeMoon is the object of the center for an online consortium of co-ordinated informal investors, focusing on it with the end goal of siphoning up the cost before unloading their holding.

This is the sort of action that made offers in GameStop flood as they did recently — the objective of the WallStreetBets bunch on Reddit.

Source: Twitter

The value siphoning might be the aftereffect of coordinated exercises of gatherings on platforms like Discord and Reddit, or simply the aggregate impact of posts on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok recordings. It very well may be illustrative of the normal free-for-all that outcomes when a venture rises quickly in cost — such development will, in general, attract further financial backers, who feel constrained to get included out of a feeling of FOMO.

Whatever the explanation, it makes a difference little. At the point when the cost gets too high to even think about supporting any more, holders will escape which will incite the cost to fall, harming the individuals who don’t get out on schedule.

The equivalent possesses been valid all through energy for every one of the different tricks and plans that draw individuals in with the guarantee of a fast and simple fortune. Eventually, the air pocket explodes and the last individual holding is the person who misses out the most.

What difference does it make for cryptographic money all the more by and large?

You may think about what the issue is?

Who cares if a couple of fortunate (or fearless) individuals figure out how to make a fast buck?

To start with, there’s a moral issue. There’s little to separate makers of crypto tokens like SafeMoon from certainty pranksters offering enchantment beans to naïve purchasers. It smells like a fraudulent business model where those at the foot of the pyramid may make a little at first, yet the organizers make the wealth. Those at the top are additionally harmed the least when everything comes tumbling down.

The other explanation it makes a difference is the potential harm that such coin and token issues do to sabotage the positive standing and great confidence joined to veritable digital currencies with long haul utility and certifiable worth, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin has a plainly expressed long-haul reason — to decentralize and in a general sense adjust our monetary framework by putting more control, possession, and impact in the possession of residents. It vows to diminish the expense and intricacy of moving cash throughout the planet and across public boundaries. It gives all individuals admittance to an authentic store of significant worth that can’t be flattened by governments printing new money freely.

While numerous who are incredulous highlight Bitcoin’s previous value unpredictability as a component it imparts to SafeMoon, the contrasts between them are critical and material.

Bitcoin is known for drawing in limits of feeling and assessment from the individuals who are supportive of it contrasted with the distrustful individuals. Scenes like that presently being seen with SafeMoon just fuel those feelings and befuddle the circumstance in regards to digital currency.

These examples deter individuals from really looking to see how Bitcoin functions and what benefits it might offer to them. It forestalls many who’d advantage from engaging with it, from doing as such.

What to do straightaway?

How you put away your cash involves a singular decision — we each have our resistance and hunger for hazard. With feelings set to the side, the reasonable move is just at any point to put away cash that you can bear to lose, and ideally just in things that you truly comprehend.

On account of SafeMoon, some will without a doubt bring in cash by exchanging it. The inquiry is whether it will have a suffering future, or whether it will self-destruct in the close to term and cut down numerous financial backers expectations and dreams with it as it breakdowns.

Whatever occurs, I accept that large numbers of the genuine promoters of cryptographic money will be quick to guarantee that Bitcoin and Ethereum aren’t discussed simultaneously or considered in the similar idea as any semblance of SafeMoon.